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Sirona Z i-Size

Sirona Z i-Size

Sirona Z i-Size

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Design, safety and functionality are at the heart of innovation at CYBEX. The Base Z is the secure and variable base unit for the new CYBEX Z-Line Modular System, which offers maximum protection as well as comfortable, flexible use. The unique, innovative rotation mechanism of the Base Z allows the car seat to be swivelled to the side of the car door for easier entry and exit.

The Base Z is a particularly long-lasting solution. It accommodates two different car seats and so can be used by children up to 4 years of age. The CYBEX Platinum Modular System is quickly installed with a simple click.


For maximum safety, we recommend using the Sirona Z in a rear-facing position for as long as possible – 45 – 105 cm, max. 18 kg (from birth up to approx. 4 years).

Physicians, accident researchers, and consumer and health organizations recommend transporting babies and toddlers in rear-facing car seats. In most countries, car accidents are still the main cause of death for children older than 1 year of age. However, if children are transported rear-facing beyond Group 0+, the risk of injury is mostly stable in Group 1. This can be seen in statistics from countries with predominantly rear-facing transport in Group 1, such as Sweden.

It is important to consider the anatomy of babies and toddlers in the event of an accident. Unlike adults, a child’s head is quite large and heavy in proportion to their body, and accounts for about 25% of their total body weight. However, the neck muscles and the spine of a child are not yet fully developed. That is why they need particular support and protection in an accident. CYBEX developed the Sirona Z to provide infants and toddlers with maximum safety in the car. In an accident, the Sirona Z acts like a protective shield, especially protecting the neck and spinal area. The impact forces are distributed over the large area of the shell. This significantly reduces strain on your child’s neck, shoulder and head as well as their inner organs. Therefore, the Sirona Z greatly reduces the risk of physical injury in a frontal collision.


Integrated linear side-impact protection

The integrated L.S.P. System of the Sirona Z i-Size offers increased safety in the event of a side-impact collision. It reduces the force of a side-impact in combination with the energy-absorbing shell by approximately 25%.

Energy reduction technology (ER-Tech)

The Energy Reduction Technology of the Sirona Z i-Size offers increased safety for your child in the forward-facing position in the event of a head-on collision. The "ER-Tech" reduces the forces on the neck of a child during a front crash by more than 20%, compared to other existing 5-point harness systems.

Height-adjustable headrest

The adjustable headrest offers 12 positions for a customized adjustment as your child grows.

One-hand recline and rotation function​

The smart one-hand recline and rotation function makes it easy for parents to adjust the seat while keeping one hand free. For comfortable sleeping and travelling, the Sirona Z i-Size car seat offers 5 reclining positions when rear-facing and 3 reclining positions when

Rotating mechanism including driving direction control (D.D.C.)​

The innovative 360° rotating mechanism provides a comfortable entry and exit position with less strain on parent´s backs. In addition it makes switching between rearward and forward-facing position easy.
The Driving Direction Control (D.D.C.)
prevents misuse of the forward-facing position
before the child has completed 15 months of age and has reached a minimum size of 76 cm.

Two-click installation with ISOFIX

A two-click installation with ISOFIX allows for simple installation and guarantees increased safety. In combination with the Base Z the car seat is secured using the car's ISOFIX system and requires no further fastening. An installation indicator also helps to prevent possible misuse.

Modular system - one base, two car seats

Stay flexible – as part of the Z-Line Modular System, the Sirona Z i-Size and the Cloud Z i-Size both fit onto the Base Z for a continuously safe ride from birth up to 105 cm, approx. 4 years.

Rear-facing car seat

A rear-facing car seat reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision by more than 80% when compared to a forward-facing system car seat. Tests show that the force of an impact during a front crash is distributed evenly over a large area. CYBEX recommends rear-facing travel for children up to 105 cm, approx. 4 years.

5-Point harness system

Secure your child in the Sirona Z i-Size with ease, thanks to the central 5-point harness system.

Energy-absorbing shell

The energy-absorbing shell of the Sirona Z i-Size absorbs the forces of an impact and protectively covers the child.

Belt holder​

The magnetic belt holders make taking your child out of the seat easy.


715 mm


430 mm


620 mm


15 kg



Fabric covers machine washable at 30°

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